Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the delay in blog postings. We lost our broadband internet
connection last week and just got our internet connection put back onto dial
up which is so terribly slow I can't take it for much longer. I'm actually
posting this from my email account because I can't even log on to So, until we get broadband back up and running I won't be able
to post any of my awesome pictures from my trip to Mumbai. I have them all
ready to be posted so the minute the Centre is back on broadband I will be
logging on and posting pictures. I'm glad people have been reading my blog
and are getting to experience being here with me. I'm having a really great
time. We just finished our first 12 day event. It was really long but do go
really quickly. During this last event the participants put on a children's
camp for 3 days. We had a group of 25 kids who came from Sangam's Community
Partner, Mobile Creche. We were a full house during those 3 days, 25 kids
plus 50 participants. It was really busy and needless to say, I'm glad
everyone is gone so I can enjoy some peace and quiet.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the South Dakota summer! I've been
enjoying the heat and humidity here in India. The monsoon has
disappeared and it has been sunny most days with just a little bit of
rain. My tan is back and just keeps getting darker.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Christa...I'm reading a book now you might find interesting. It's called "Lucky Girls" and it's written by Nell Freudenberger. So far there are two stories of gals in India...traveling from other countries to stay there sort of like you're doing. Just thought I'd let you know!

Melissa D. in SD