Sunday, July 8, 2007

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any burning questions about life or things in India, Pune, Sangam, or need questions answered to finish a badge? You can email me!!! I have set up a special email account for just such questions. Feel free to email me at You can email questions or even requests for pictures! Whatever you would like!

I also realized that I have been blogging less and less. I apologize, things are becoming more normal for me here so I don't think I need to blog but I'll make sure to change that. A lot of things have been happening so I'll be putting those posts together and getting more pictures posted along with that. I have been to an Indian wedding, had 2 awesome events here at the Centre, got a new pet (a real pet, one that we have to be responsible for and feed!), and will be experiencing Palhki tomorrow. Palhki is a pilgrimage that happens right on Alandi Road, the road right in front of the Centre. So I'll be updating you all on that, keep checking back for updates!


ps: I would like to thank the Girl Scout Council for the awesome Hello Kitty card!!! Thanks, I love the stickers!

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Anonymous said...

So how was the pilgrimage? And your trip to Maumbi?