Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Did you know?

Did you know that mosquito bites that don't itch are flea bites?

I know this because of personal experience. Yes, that's right. I have fleas.

I guess that I should start from the beginning. Sangam has 3 watch dogs, Lucky, a boy who is really old, Bunty, and Babli. Bunty, the boy, and Babli, the girl, (who are named after the Bollywood film) are puppies that were found on the property last year. Last week, Julie and I suspected that the puppies had fleas because they have been scratching and biting themselves. We told Darshana, who got the men to give them a bath thinking that that would solve the problem. Well, I'm here to inform you that it didn't work. For the last week or so, I've been getting these bites on my ankles and legs. I just thought that they were mosquito bites that weren't itchy. I didn't think anything of it because they weren't bothering me. This morning at breakfast, some ladies at my table somehow got on the topic of what flea bites look like. She was saying that fleas always bite in 3s. I realized that that was what all my bites have been looking like on my legs. I didn't say anything right away because I was around participants and didn't want to alarm anyone. This afternoon after we got back from MG Road, I asked Julie if she knew what flea bites look like. She didn't so we googled it and diagnosed me with fleas. CL confirmed my diagnosis. I have fleas. I haven't been sick in India yet and the first thing that happens to me is fleas. Only me! I've already been washing and rewashing all of my clothes. I've changed my sheets and my room was just cleaned by the ladies today. Hopefully that will get rid of it. And until the dogs get rid of their fleas, I will be staying as far away as possible. Which I think will prove hard to do since Babli likes hanging out with all of us girls! I'm working on posting the pictures of my flea bites and the cute puppies that gave me them!


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