Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mumbai...In Pictures

Last month we packed up and went to Mumbai for 2 days and 2 nights. We stayed at the Mumbai Scouts and Guides Headquarters where they have a few small rooms that act as a youth hostel for people. The room cost us 10 rupees a night and at the end of our visit, they didn't even make us pay that so it was a pretty cheap few days. Darshana, who is the Deputy World Centre Manager, is from Mumbai and took us and showed us all around the city. It was a great few days!

An elephant hanging out in the streets!

A proper Mumbai taxi.

The Lion's Club is everywhere! We stayed at a hostel that was right beside this park.

All of us enjoying franki, sort of an Indian taco, in the car!

Dwight at the Gateway of India.

Me at the Gateway of India.

Chowpatty Beach.

Me enjoying a chocolate muffin at Barista, which was right across the road from our hostel.

A temple that is on Al Qaeda's hitlist. Because of that, there is tons of security and you aren't supposed to take pictures but of course, I couldn't resist. This was the first thing that we learned and saw in Mumbai. Our driver Jimmy told us about the hit list thing and I knew that it was going to be a great tour of the city during the next few days.

Julie and me at the Mosque in the Sea.

We went at low tide. We really wanted to go at high tide but our driver wouldn't let us because it would have been too dangerous even though we all know how to swim.

The dhobi ghats.

The Taj Mahal Hotel.

Julie and me at Bandara Beach, where all the Bollywood stars live. It was my idea to go and see where all the stars live and we got to and it was fantastic!!!

My first package from home!!!! My trip got even better since my first package at home was waiting for me at the Centre when I got back!

My package when I opened it!!!! The Goldfish crackers didn't fair so well although they were still crunchy and not soggy!!!!

And for the last picture. This is Mangesh, our night watchman, with proof that the "mice" around here are more the size of rats. You can roughly see the outline of the rat in the cage.

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