Friday, November 2, 2007

No rest for the weary

So I'm back home and busy as ever. I got in, had one day to sleep, and then went straight to work. I'm working at the Girl Scout headquarters as an assistant to the registrar and the product sales director. It is pretty much what I did when I worked there before but on a much bigger scale. It has been keeping me busy especially since we just finished up nut sales. So since I'm finally back I thought that I would post more pictures to share my time in India with you all.

road trip to panchgani!!!

me and julie hanging out in panchgani.

the sangam team.

after rock climbing!

darshana helping me with my harness.

me walking across the rope bridge (it's a long ways up from the ground!)

me and padma at her house during ganapati, a 10 day hindu celebration.

the new buddha outside sangam's front door.

me at fatepur sikri during my trip to delhi and agra.

every sangam volunteer gets to put her handprints on the wall and these are mine!

me outside sangam with the plaque.

me at chaturshringi temple.

me and julie in our work saris after a welcome ceremony.

julie and me at the emu farm during our trip to the agri-village (which was really lame!)

me and one of the girls at mobile creche, one of sangam's community partners.

me and greg, the head of the maintanence team, during raksha bandha or brother/sister day.

proof that i lived upstairs with bats. this one is hanging out on the curtain that hangs up in the hallway.

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