Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Laxmi Road

Today we went down to Laxmi Road and toured around. Laxmi Road is in
the Old City of Pune. It has a lot of cool stores where participants
can buy saris and punjabi suits, bindis and bangles, and everything
in between. It was a lot of fun exploring. We didn't have too much
time because we had an appointment at St. Mary's Orphanage to take a
tour and play with the children there. St. Mary's is one of Sangam's
community outreach programs. We went there today because they were
holding a week long camp for children at their orphanage and from an
orphanage in Mumbai. A lot of the children didn't speak a lot of
English so it was a little hard to communicate and teach them games
but I still had a lot of fun. I have learned my Hindi numbers 1
through 6 and have been using them throughout the day. I have also
been learning a few other helpful phrases but I'm still not
comfortable using them yet. I'm sure that I'll get there.

I'm in the progress of organizing the photos that I have already
taken and will be posting more and more pictures to share with you
all. Hopefully you all have been enjoying your summer so far. I've
been really hot and sweaty but the pool here is very nice every


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