Sunday, January 6, 2013

You Can Pee in the Shower

I'm sick in bed today so I thought I'd take this time to blog about my last few months at work.

I've never owned my own house. Well technically I had a house in the village in Zambia but I didn't have to deal with any of the modern world consciences like electricity and plumbing. But with my current job I'm quickly learning LOADS of new things about how to deal with and take care of an almost 50 year old building in India.

The story starts about 2 months ago when I kicked a whole through a wall. I only wear flip flops. We discovered water running down the outside of the pipes. We found a contractor to do the waterproofing work and thought that would be the end of it.

Until water kept leaking.

We took bricks off the front of the building and the pipes seemed fine. We started digging down into the ground and found the problem. The pipes weren't running into the chamber and had holes in them.

Then we had to investigate all of the chambers. Most of them were clogged. We paid for them to be unclogged but we were still having issues. We then found a plumber who was willing to fix all of our chamber issues. So for the last month I have been looking at everyone's business. I know where the nukes are and I know all the codes.

I also know for a fact that it doesn't matter if you pee in the shower. It all goes to the same place here.

We will hopefully be finished with the chambers and plumbing very soon. And cross your fingers that we don't find any other crazy issues!!!

We start an event tomorrow, the first of the year! And you can now follow us on twitter! @sangamwc

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