Sunday, April 17, 2011

Banjos are Sexy

Fast new internet.

Nuff said.

We just got an upgraded internet service and it has changed my life. I can watch youTube videos without much waiting! I can actually watch web streaming and have been able to download and watch new episodes of The Office (Will Ferrell was better than I was expecting)! My nights have turned into me sitting in my room, with the air conditioner cranked down low, absorbed with finding youTube videos of new songs from bands I like, music videos I haven't seen, and crazy Royal Wedding spoof videos. I don't think I have ever been this addicted to the internet.

Then I found out that Coachella is streaming live from the music festival on youTube AND my internet is fast enough that it only cuts out every once and a while!!!!!!!! Check it out, you would be wasting your fast American internet service if you weren't watching this.
Coachella on youTube!

I am in heaven. I feel a little less homesick and a little closer to home. Plus I learned, thanks to Mumford and Sons, that banjos are sexy as hell.

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