Monday, September 27, 2010

It's getting hot.

Which means one thing. My birthday is just around the corner.

The rainy season is ending and the October heat is upon us a few weeks early. (I have realized that if I truly wanted a change of scenery from Zambia, India was not the place to come. Cows are everywhere, you can buy roasted maize on the street, and October is hot.) And the first anniversary of my 25th birthday is one month away. I have to work on my birthday (the very first time ever in my life, growing up sucks) but we are going to the village that day so I'm VERY excited!

Here are a few pictures of my last few weeks!

Ganapati at Mobile Creche (a NGO).

A little girl dancing and singing at Mobile Creche.

Some girls at Mobile Creche, I love this little girl's hair. I have never seen an Indian baby with curly hair like this.

Malin, Cat, Priyanka, me, and Hayley after the Welcome Ceremony.

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