Sunday, April 19, 2009

It has to be official...

So I'm back! I haven't blogged since I came back from India (a long LONG time ago) and now I'm a US Peace Corps Volunteer. I'm an education volunteer working in Zambia, it's in Africa. (Google it!) I decided to start blogging again for one reason. People have stopped writing me letters and I still want people back home to know what I'm up to here in Zambia. So I figured this will be a good way, once again, to let people know all about the adventures I'm having here in Africa.

I have been living in Siamabele Village, Siachitema Zone, Southern Province, Zambia for the past year. I live in a mud hut with no electricity and no indoor plumbing or any other American convienance of that kind. The only fancy thing I own is a French Press which I use everyday to make coffee. I'm an education volunteer but what that really means is that I am working to develop the zonal capacity of the school system. I'm not teaching classes everyday, I'm helping the teachers with whatever they need. I'm attached to one zone and have 5 government schools and 2 community schools that I work with. I have one more year to go in my service. And more importantly, I'm loving every minute of it!

I'm going to start blogging as often as I can but in the mean time, feel free to post comments or email any questions that you have about life in Zambia or about Peace Corps. I also have a strict policy about receiving letters. If I receive a letter, I will write a letter back! So keep that in mind people!

Talk to you all again soon!

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